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"The National Radio System of Texas"

The Armadillo Intertie System is a large network of amateur (ham) radio stations covering much of the State of Texas.
The system is operated by Armadillo Intertie, Inc., a Texas non-profit corporation, and is an affiliate of the Cactus Intertie System.

Moody Installation and Equipment - 1984-1985

Chuck Adams, N5UN

This picture shows Merle Taylor's (WB5EPI) truck full of all the antennas and feedline just before being unloaded and installed at the Moody site. EPI's truck suffered a short circuit in the wiring on the trip to Moody and almost didn't make it. Image taken July, 1984.

This picture shows the front off the Moody rack after Jim Reese, WD5IYT, Chuck Adams, N5UN, and Johnny Stigler, WA5ZRQ, spent about 10 hours re-racking, re-cabling, and generally cleaning up the original install done in July, 1984. In the left background is WA5ZRQ's Cushman service monitor. Visible from the top down is the 220 MHz repeater duplexer (on top of the rack), 440 Wacom repeater duplexer, a Johnson 420 MHz link radio with duplexer on the left, a Johnson PPL-6060 UHF radio on the right which was the original 443.975 MHz N5FL Moody repeater, the controller rack, a UPS switch-over and battery charge system for the controller built by Chet Swafford, KA5TQQ, and the 220 MHz repeater. The 220 MHz repeater waas removed several years later to free up a controller port for another link radio. Image taken March, 1985.

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